What can you do

The way we think defines

the way we act and who we are


This is why it is important to be able to think well and this is PenSiamo’s goal!
Critical Thinking can change the world. To do this, however, there must be many of us. There must be you!

You can support our projects and workshops in schools with a donation:

  • with 10 Euros, you can provide 2 hours of Critical Thinking lessons to a student,
  • with 30 Euros, you can provide 6 hours of lessons on Critical Thinking to a student,
  • with 50 Euros, you can provide a 10-hour course on Critical Thinking to a student,
  • with 100 Euros, you can provide an hour of lesson to an entire class,
  • with 200 Euros, two hours of lessons for an entire class,
  • with 800 Euros, an 8-hour course for an entire class.

Or you can make a free donation: IBAN: IT89C 030 696 768 4510 749 168 118; BIC/SWIFT:   BCITITMM

A generous gesture that is good for everyone!

You can also choose to support PenSiamo by becoming a member. If so:

1) You will belong to a Thinking Community, made up of people who, like you, want to live by comparing, questioning, thinking together, being respected for the expressed opinions and not judged

2) you will routinely participate in online / face-to-face debates where we will critically address issues of common interest

3) you will develop your ability to think critically by participating in the PenSiamo courses at subsidized costs

4) you will help improve the world by spreading Critical Thinking.

With an annual membership fee of 35,00 Euros (of which 29,50 Euros for PenSiamo membership fee and 5,50 Euros for AICS membership fee, which guarantees insurance coverage and much more) you will be an active part of the change we want to produce.

To join, write to: info@pensiamo.org

Together we can do it!