Our work

We implement projects and activities to disseminate Critical Thinking in schools and in the society both in Italy and in the world.

Thinking Critically means questioning, applying logics, looking for arguments to support an idea and comparing one’s own ideas with those of others.

In this process there is no right or wrong, just opinions supported by good arguments. Making a critique does not mean polemicizing or “talking bad” but offering an alternative perspective in order to stimulate further analysis and dialogue.

Applying Critical Thinking means expressing our own opinion while respecting and showing consideration for those of others.

Our activities include:


We organize workshops in schools on how to apply Critical Thinking on a number of social issues, such as: migration, refugees, climate change, food, sustainable use of resources, human rights, bullying, organised crime, gender violence and discrimination.

Students learn from experience by applying theory to practice, re-elaborating concepts and advancing new perspectives. Students are thus empowered to become active participants in the learning process.

We apply Cooperative Learning, Experiential Education, Technology, Interdisciplinary Approach, Peer Education. Educators work alongside students and guide them through the process of discovery. We promote awareness and respect for diversity.

Educational material

We develop a variety of educational material (both digital and paper) on Critical Thinking for students, teachers, parents and all interested parties.

Dissemination of Best Practices

We identify both in Italy and abroad best practices in education and act as facilitators in the acquisition and adaptation process in schools interested in applying these practices.


We promote the debate on Critical Thinking and organise Fora with Italian and international experts, teachers and professionals.