PenSiamo designs and delivers Accredited Courses and Workshops:

1.      Applying Critical Thinking in Education: course for teachers
2.      Applying Critical Thinking in Our Daily Life: course for anyone interested
3.      Using Critical Thinking to Navigate Social Media: workshop for teachers and for students
4.      Let’s Practice Gender Equality: workshop for students
5.      Autobiographical Writing and Critical Thinking: workshop for anyone interested
6.      Critical Thinking Applied to Intercultural Dialogue: workshop/course for students
7.      Critical Thinking Applied to Migration: workshop/course for students
8.      Project: Green Schools: course for students


PenSiamo runs Campaigns on important but forgotten issues such as:

TRUST IS SMART: it is smart to trust our family, colleagues, Government and the Governments to trust each’s others… And trust is based on reliability…


PenSiamo promotes enriching and inspirational Debates among members:

More recent debates: Digital Surveillance; Analysis of the documentary “The Social Dilemma”; How to use technology safely; Can 5G harm health?; The social and economic consequences of Covid-19…
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