PenSiamo designs and delivers Courses and Workshops:

  1. Applying Critical Thinking in Education: course for teachers
  2. Applying Crtical Thinking in Our Daily Life: course for anyone interested
  3. Let’s Practice Gender Equality: workshop for students
  4. Autobiographical Writing and Critical Thinking: workshop for anyone interested
  5. Critical Thinking Applied to Intercultural Dialogue: workshop – course for students
  6. Critical Thinking Applied to Migration: workshop – course for students
  7. Project: Green Schools: course for students

PenSiamo runs Campaigns on important but forgotten issues such as:

TRUST IS SMART: it is actually smart to trust our family, colleagues, Government and for the Governments to trust each’s others… And trust is based on reliability…

PenSiamo promotes and applies respectful and enriching and inspirational Debates on social/political/economic issues among all members

Some of the latest debates: Digital Surveillance; Analysis of the documentary “The Social Dilemma”; How to use technology safely; Can 5G harm health?; The social and economic consequences of Covid-19; The 2020 US elections.

PenSiamo Conducts Research, we compare with each’s others, we analyze, we test, we compare again, we evaluate, we compare again and we put into practice.

Our Research Team is made up of committed people and conduct research on issues of common interest, also in preparation for debates.
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