About us

PenSiamo is a Non-Profit organisation started by professionals, researchers and professors whose common objective is to promote and disseminate Critical Thinking in schools and in the society.

Fulvia Richiardone President, University Degree in Law, MA in Project Management, MA in Migration and Law, former UN officer (UNICRI and UNHCR) specialised in Education and Refugees

Annalisa Pasero Education, PhD in Letters and Social Sciences, English Conversation Teacher

Francesca MaggioraEducation, Architect since 2004, specialised in Interior Renovation, Green Building and Lighting Design

Stefania BernoEducation, Psychotherapist and Child Psychoanalyst, specialized at “Martha Harris”, Tavistok Model Clinical Course, London

Monica Bologna – Administration, certified Archivist and Librarian, Diplôme d’études juridiques, she worked in Europe and Africa.