About us

PenSiamo is the Thinking Community, made of persons who share views, enquire and question. Our opinions are expressed in a non-judgemental environment.


Transparency and Fairness in every action

Respect for everyone’s ideas expressed with reasoned and proven arguments

Equality for all rights and duties regardless of gender, origin, religion, age…

Proven Expertise and Efficiency in all tasks

Acquired Reliability for the good job

Team Work: discussing everything 

Question Oneself as basic requirement for achieving an adult and mature personality

Humanity and Empathy as strict principles

Democratic Life as participation and care for the society

Learning from Mistakes: accepting, analysing, and making sure not to repeat them

No False Certainties: seeking the truth

Enthusiasm Overall!


PenSiamo Executive Committee’s members are:

Fulvia Richiardone President, I hold a University Degree in Law, a MA in Project Management, a MA in Migration and Law, I am a former UN officer (UNICRI and UNHCR) specialised in Education and Refugees and… I am passionate about Critical Thinking! I learned Critical Thinking in UK, USA, Australia and I am trained in Making Thinking Visible, Project Zero, Harvard University.

Annalisa Pasero Education, PhD in Letters and Social Sciences, English Conversation Teacher

Giusi Di Franco Administration, Expert in Human Resource Management and Labour Consultancy

Stefania BernoEducation, Psychotherapist and Child Psychoanalyst, specialized at Tavistok Clinic, London

Orsola Mundula Education, Italian and Latin Literature Teacher.

PenSiamo Thinking Team: Adriana Centonze, Andrea Gambino, Daniela Paola Madrigali, Francesca Maggiora, Gaspare Ferlito,  Manuela Giancarlini, Paolo Barboni, Rocco Drosi